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Friday, 12 October 20120 comments

Writers Wanted
2wenty4se7en is always looking for contributors who would like to be part of our team.

We can’t offer any financial compensation for submissions.

We can offer you a platform for the opportunity to publish articles online, get your voice heard and gain an increased exposure to your material.

Why write for us?

We are a new website, so you can be in there at the beginning! We intend to make a real go of this, so instead of joining late you can get to this party on time!

You may want to write about your interests online with a view of building up a portfolio of work with which to impress people.

You could be starting out in online journalism and looking for a niche. You may want to do this for your résumé, to help university applications or just for the sheer hell of it. We hope you’ll find that having your name and material exhibited on the World Wide Web will be personally gratifying to you and will lead to other rewarding opportunities for you to market your work!

Whatever the reason, please contact us.

We are looking for some keen writers to write about any aspect of youth culture they want to - movies, fashion, gaming – anything at all really as long as it will interest people your age! You may just want to do a weekly review of new games and movies out there – great! You may want to profile a singer, band or celebrity. Or you may want to write about one of the many issues facing young people today. Anything goes here as long as it is original writing.

You will get full credit and after you have written a few articles we would hope to give you full posting rights so you can put your news and views online yourself. Plus we will tag your name in to all your posts so you will be quickly able to show anyone all the articles you have written for the site in one long stream.
You do not need to be the new Shakespeare – we will edit your stories to iron out any errors.

Let us know if you are interested – and let’s get writing!

We want you to get exposure and gain new readers.

We wish to help promote you and your works in any way we can.

Contact robert.evans@lesoco.ac.uk to get started.

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