Africa for Norway

Sunday, 25 November 20120 comments

This is seriously funny. A group of African artists have got together to help all those poor Norwegians out. Let's face it - living in Norway must be miserable this year - all that cold! This project aims to help out the Norwegian people by encouraging Africans to donate their unwanted radiators. The whole project is called Radi-Aid.

Of course, all is not what it seems here - this is in fact a comedy sketch but it is one, when you think about it, which packs a powerful punch. Since before the days of USA for Africa and Band Aid, Africa has been portrayed by the media as a place of complete and utter poverty run by a collection of political thugs and warlords. The continent has its problems, that isn’t doubted, but what these negative stereotypes do is to harm the way Africa is seen globally – it hinders Africa immensely. This video turns the concept on its head and makes you think twice about the sort of place Africa really is.

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