Google Type – Send Messages a New Way!

Sunday, 25 November 20120 comments

If you didn’t have enough ways to waste your time, then here’s something new for you! Google Type allows you to type in a message.  When you press the ‘Google Type It’ button, then it then does a Google search on each letter and you can see your message in all its randomly generated image glory! Above you can see what happened when we typed in 2wenty4se7en – three times!

But wait! There’s more.  You can then share it to Facebook (the link is at the bottom of the Google Type page).  The fact that you have created a message appear on Facebook (see picture, left) but it does not tell your Facebook friends what the message is.  If they click on the link in FB, however, they are taken to Google Type and your message gets typed in automatically (cue neat animation effect) and your friend then sees the results…

This has more than one application, I think!  Not only can you just send a silly message, you can potentially send other, more ground-shaking news.  I am just waiting for the moment someone terminates a relationship using Google Type!

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