Is There A Future for Today's Youth?

Thursday, 29 November 20120 comments

Sam is a 19 year old boy with, you would think, the world at his feet but I’m afraid to say he doesn’t. Sam left school at 16 after finishing his GCSEs with good grades but amazingly he has never had a job since leaving secondary school. Sam has applied for 100+ jobs since leaving secondary school. He has gone to countless job centres looking for jobs of all kinds from McDonalds to applying to be a Trainee Mechanic but he still cannot find a job. Why?

The 19 year old is understandably upset and disheartened with his situation “Every time I go to an interview with my hopes up, enthusiastic and with bundles of confidence the interviewer takes one look at my CV and asks “What experience do you have?” I stand there and try to think of a quick and intellectual answer but I can’t because I haven’t had any experience because no one will take a chance and believe in me”.

Nevertheless the 19 year old says he will not give up and will carry on doing whatever it takes to find a job. The 19 year old continues “The government is doing very little to solve this growing problem. This should be the coalition’s main problem to tackle. Everyone I talk to keeps saying to me we are the “Lost generation” I used to believe that wasn’t true but now after my experience I am really starting to believe them”.

Youth unemployment is a matter which I know worries us all. Whether you left school at 16 or whether you have went to college or sixth form to carry on with your studies this is a matter which frightens us all. Many 16-25 year olds who have completed their A levels and have gone to university achieving top grades still amazingly cannot find a job and are forced to work in places like McDonalds to earn a living.

These educated young people have paid the £9,000 fees a year the coalition has stupidly priced for a Uni education to gain the valuable degrees in the fields they want to pursue a career in and still cannot find a job.

The Government is doing very little to solve the problem of youth unemployment. Firms and companies are afraid to take on inexperienced youth employees due to the economic downturn; young people are reduced to claiming benefits like Jobseekers allowance to live on. The number of people on this benefit is on the increase due to the fact people are finding it even tougher to find the money to live on.

This is an issue which will hopefully get dramatically better once the economy grows but until then we are stuck in this crisis and simply need to deal with it. There are still ways to improve your chances of getting a job. The best way to impress potential employers is with your CV. Brilliant CVs and glowing references are paramount to impressing employers, and the way to make your CV brilliant is by gaining more qualifications and gaining more experience in the field you want to pursue a career in whether it being voluntary or paid.

There are subjects in all colleges and sixth forms all over the country which would appeal to most 16-25 year olds such as Hair and beauty, business, IT, construction, performing arts and sport studies just to name a small few. These course’s start from Level 1 (Basic skills and introduction to the subject) to level 3 (a more extensive look at what is involved in the subject).

If you did decide to do a course in a college you would also be able to complete functional skills English and Maths exams which would also boost your chances of getting a job while you are completing your course. These core subjects are key to succeeding in all fields whether you have chosen Hair and beauty, Business or IT because you will be using these skills on a daily basis in your job.

The College which I am attending at the moment is Lewisham College. I would recommend this college to anyone wanting to gain more qualifications or experience. There are lots of benefits to be had if you are enrolled as a Lewisham College student. The college give students the opportunity to get financial support, Job advice and also advice on child care, housing and Dyslexia.

This is great support to have if you live in an environment where you need help or if you in a situation which you cannot handle. The financial support advice offers students ways in which they help with the cost of the studies such as assistance such as bursaries and depending what age you are, child benefits or job seekers allowance. These benefits could help fund some students’ studies that are struggling and need to find money to help in day to day living.

Another benefit of being a student at the college is the opportunity to gain assistance on writing your CV, which I have already mentioned will be essential for getting a job in any field. The Jobs & Careers Services team will also help make sure your CV highlights and promotes your skills, attributes and characteristics to the maximum. They will also make sure your CV is well presented and clearly laid out with no spelling or grammar errors making your CV look professional and appealing to employers.

If you are looking for experience and a qualification at the same time there is no need to worry because if this is something which interests you then you should look at applying for an apprenticeship where you will gain a valuable qualification recognized by all companies and organizations in all fields. You will also gain valuable experience in an active workplace, gaining a feel for what a work environment is like in the field you want to work in. This will also give you the opportunity for you to get a foot into the door of employment.

So as you can see the college is a great place to further your education, gain the valuable qualifications which an employer craves in a potential employee and gain the support needed to have a healthy CV and stable lifestyle. As well as all the things I have mentioned you will also be able to make new friends while studying at college which will make your experience at college an even better one. Being an established and well recognized college Lewisham college also has many contacts and partnerships with big companies in the area which could give a student who succeeds, the perfect opportunity to get a job at the end of their academic year.

As a result of my advice and the guidance of Connections in Lewisham Sam is now attending Lewisham College studying Construction level 1. I caught up with him last week to ask him if he is happy with college life and he said “I feel wanted now and determined to gain the qualifications I will need to better myself in life so I can get a job which I enjoy doing. I don’t want to work in my nearest McDonalds where people I know come in and make fun of me; I want to make my life a success so my little brother can have someone to look up to and aspire to be like in the future”.

It was great hearing Sam had found a place where he felt wanted which made him feel determined and inspired to work hard so he could make a better life for himself and his family.

I hope the advice I have given you can help you gain the perfect job or give you an idea for what you want to do in the future.

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