U-Turn: Away From Gangs and Violence

Wednesday, 28 November 20120 comments

This is a video where ex-gang members are interviewed and talk out to the youth in London about how they could start a new life and forget about the road life has taken them on so far.

People who are called ex-gang members are people who have experienced being in a gang and have found out that the road/gang life isn’t really the way they want to live.

This video might help the youth in London today to think about the way they are going through life and how they could make a change to the way they are living.

Many youths think they don’t have money and need to find an easy way of doing it but as this video shows, being in a gang is never a long term solution.  This should encourage you to go to school or college and get your education because after all of that you will be making more money than these gang members who think they are wealthy and make money but in fact lead lives that are not rich in anything.

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