Black ops 2- Domination Class

Wednesday, 12 December 20120 comments

Black ops 2- Domination class

In Domination you will need something light so you can run around and capture the points.

So the best will be Mp7 with 2 attachments, Fore Grip and tLaser Sigh.  Mp7 is a good gun and you don’t need to unlock it because it is going to be already there!

You don’t need a secondary weapon…

However, you do need 2 grenades. So if you see somebody capture the point but you can’t get there quick enough you just throw grenades in the point. The reason you will need 2 grenades is because most people have a flak jacket and you will not be able to kill them from the 1st grenade..

To get 2 grenades you will need to get wildcard Danger Close.

The perks you will need: 
Also get extra Perk 1 Greed To get extra Perk on the first tear.
Perk tear-1
Lightweight-So you run around quicker and you will need this so you can get to the capture point quicker.

Flak Jacket-There will be lots of grenades flying around, so you better have a flak jacket so you will not die on every grenade.
Perk tear-2
Toughness-When you get shot you will flinch less so you will have better accuracy.

Perk tear-3
Extreme Conditioning-You will sprint for longer, so for same reason as lightweight - you will be able to get to the capture point quicker.

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