How to Kill a Moustache

Saturday, 1 December 20120 comments

Movember is now officially over and hundreds of thousands of men will now have to consider their options. In many parts of the world winter is now starting, too – so perhaps the moustache should stay? Then again, they can make you look older and without regular trimming a moustache (or mustache if you are American and can't spell) can make you look like something out of a post-apocalyptic world. Even worse, when you brush your teeth all you can see is the mirror image of all those pictures of your dad from the 1970s (it could be worse, you could look like your mum!).

So, if you are indecisive, you may need a little help to make up your mind.  Should it stay or should it go? Internetainers Rhett & Link have decided it should go.  Here is a detailed (and very funny) proposed methodology for saying goodbye to your moustache.

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