Super Mario Bros Theme – Acapella Style!

Tuesday, 4 December 20120 comments

This is a funny video of two comedians, Julien Neel and Nick Mckaig. They have used a lot of their time to make this video exciting and funny for us to laugh at. There has been a lot of work in arranging, also to learn the script and editing what parts went wrong.

They both live in different countries and that is why they have been emailing each other. So here above is a video of their Super Mario Smash Bros theme tune.  The most amazing thing that they did with this video is that they did not use talking in it they only use their mouths by using sounds.

Julien Neel was born on 26 April 1976 and he is from the country of France. He is a musician and he creates and plays cartoons. Nick Mckaig is a musician and singer, he was born on September 23 1988 and he is 24 years of age. Together they make a great team!  Here is another one of their songs, the James Bond Theme Tune.

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