The Walking Dead Christmas Special

Friday, 21 December 20120 comments

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead then you will know that the AMC TV series about the zombie apocalypse is going from strength to strength – so of course it is going to attract a little satire.  We think this, by Jawiin, is probably (no, definitely) the best.  In it Rick decides that zombies or no, young Carl is going to have a proper Christmas.  This of course will involve the rest of his motley crew risking life and limb for ham and cranberry sauce.

Of course, The Governor has to get involved and the usual zombie mayhem ensues.  This is a very funny take on a show which is now back on its feet and (ironically) full of life. For a while in Season2 it looked as if it was about to disappear up its own apocalypse but it’s back on form – and this very funny homage is the icing on the undead cake.

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