Why The Panda is Black and White

Wednesday, 12 December 20120 comments

This is a very cool and interesting video that you should watch. This video is very creative. It was created by the French channel and in France many people especially kids have enjoyed watching it. That is why this video should be shared to this part of the world too!

It will make people’s eyes glow with wonder and it will always make others including yourself marvel about who created these beautiful things for us to look at. It is one of the best animations, full of colour (just wait...) for people to sit back and enjoy.

The French channel (Tiji) has put a lot of their time, energy, and resources into this video for people to enjoy.

The French channel would like us to sit down and watch this video and to subscribe to them saying that you enjoyed the video.

Above is the video of Why The Panda is Black and White. Enjoy the video and below post a comment about how you like or enjoyed the video.

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