SportzHype – Like Pinterest But for Sports Addicts

Tuesday, 1 January 20130 comments

If you like your social media but love your sports then take a look at SportzHype.  The website is new and works like Pinterest – if you see a video, article or picture that you like you can post it up on to your own page.  If that sounds a bit too much like hard work then you can simply read up on what everyone else has been posting on to the site instead!

In a neat twist, you can like what you see but when you do this the posts are hyped (sounds a lot more honest than other sites!).  There are a number of different hypes, ranging from hot to top.  This may sound a little complicated but it isn’t.  Sportzhype is really easy to use and what’s more it’s for sporting fans of any kind whatsoever.  Give it a go!

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