Tutting dance

Monday, 21 January 20130 comments

This guy is amazing in tutting, which is a dance with your hands. This guy is the best at it, he is professional at this. This is the best commercial for Samsung Galaxy S at all times in my opinion. I can do some tutting but not like this guy. If you don’t know what tutting is so check this video and have fun and I can be sure that you will love to learn how to do tutting, and show to everyone how to do it. I will putting more posts from this guy.
Motivated by the art of Ancient Egypt tutting exploits the body's ability to create geometric positions (such as boxes) and movements. It commonly focuses on the arms and hands, and includes sub-styles such as finger tutting.
It was in the early part of 1980s when tutting became popular on the streets of the US. Tutting moves can be reflected “big moves” where in the whole body is involved in forming various angles and shapes.

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