The Ugliest Woman in the World

Monday, 21 January 20130 comments

A girl was born in San Antonio (JAV, Texas) four weeks earlier than predicted. When she was born her weight was 1kg and because of that doctors didn’t give any hopes for parents that she’s going to survive. However Lizzie wanted to live more than anyone else and her doctors predictions didn't matter for her.

 Her mother was talking about how they had to buy her clothes from toy shops which are designed to dress up dolls just because regular baby clothes were too big for her. While girl was growing doctors still kept on their first prediction and didn’t gave her parents any hopes that she is going to survive, they told that she won’t be able to walk or talk when she gets older.

 Lizzie had no fat layer and she couldn’t store any fat as well, she couldn’t digest any important food materials and because of that she had to eat every 20-30 minutes every day. Back at school she was called a monster but kids back there didn’t knew she had a genetic illness which only two people in whole world has.

 She decided to do some changes and now she is 23 years old and took a part at around 250-300 events where people are trying to prevent children from bullying.

She is still dreaming about studying and creating a family in future.  We all support her and hope that she can reach her goals !

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