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 AVB referred to him as a “physical beast” . Gareth runs rings around the opposition’s defenders for fun and also has the change of pace to go past the fastest defender in the world. He also has the strength and determination hold of the ball despite the ever coming tackles /hacks. He is strong in the air and there isn’t anything he can’t do. His two goals against Newcastle United today, for me, sums his ability up destroying the best of defenders and topping it with a beautiful finish.

As a Spurs fan, I really hate it when he dives. I can understand with all the high tackles coming in that he doesn't want to get hurt, but I hate the bad reaction that he gets because he is such a talented player. I would like to Gareth to perform in some big games because he doesn't seem to play well against big opposition and he needs to work at that. The top players like your (Ronaldo’s Your Rooney's) always perform no matter the opposition they are against and I would like to see him do the same. To sum it up, He has been immense this season and I  hope it continues.

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