Is British Youth a Waste of Space?

Monday, 11 February 20130 comments

If you ask me the youth of today have nothing on their plates. Now, what I am about to say might seem like a bit of a rant but bear with me.

To begin with, music of today influences youths in multiple ways, either with fashion making them copy major stars or underground rappers with negative messages about society and the life they have lived.

With this their fans copy everything they do, it seems and if their star has tattoos then they go and get tattoos. Now I know there is no problem with tattoos.  However people forget that successful artists don’t need to work a lot as they sign contracts for millions. An ordinary person like myself needs to work and has to survive with wages given every month. As such it’s not practical to copy a star that has tattoos on their face.

However nowadays if you have access to music channels like MTV where rap music wasn't so negative the music has changed dramatically.

Every song on your child’s/little brother or sister’s phone/laptop has songs that have negative messages about the criminal life that the artist has lived and how he carries a weapon for protection. This type of music is promoted on TV nowadays and as a result many youths carry weapons to protect themselves from people.

Youths of today have no respect for life anymore and have no morals. They always think they’re big men when they are in a bunch of friends and I believe negative music is the cause.

In America guns are legal if you have a license and the people of the USA make rap videos holding guns and promote killing anyone that messes with them or their friends. Now I know some people say its only music and not literally going to happen however killings do happen and promoting it is not going to stop it.

England’s youths has now copied the American style of life and act as if they live in a poverty deprived place like American “Ghettos” when in fact they come from comfortable and well off backgrounds.

England’s youths all seem to act as if life is only hard for them and that they don’t want to work for minimum wage because they think they’re better than that. Now if they had the correct mentality then they would be worth more than that and I think we as a community need to influence them with positive views and talk to them about how older males and females started their working life/careers.

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