Justin Bieber Apologizes for Smoking Marijuana!

Monday, 11 February 20130 comments

Pop sensation Justin Bieber was caught smoking cannabis a couple months ago with rapper Lil Twist. The story made world news and it made such a big impact on his 'obsessed' fans that they started a trend on Twitter named '#CutForBieber' where they cut their wrists telling him to stop the drugs. If he stopped the drugs then they would stop the cutting.

Bieber used a comedy sketch on a US show Saturday Night Live to tell everyone he was ashamed that he took drugs calling himself a 'douche'. He said 'People make mistakes and I'm never gonna do it again'.

I think people have taken it to far with this story. He only tried the drug once and its perfectly normal for a teenager to try it. Smoking it once is not going to kill anyone!

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