‘Les Twins’ Hip-Hop Dancing

Tuesday, 26 February 20130 comments

I would like to present to you these two brothers who are 24 years of age. They have a great talent: hip-hop dancing. Not just brothers, they are twins. What makes them fantastic is the way they express themselves by dancing. They are French and they are also known as ‘Les twins’. By seeing them dance, you will see their connection. They complement each other. They are more than good at what they do.

 They have done a lot of performances with many famous artists around the world, such as Beyoncé, Miss Elliot and Timbaland Hennessy etc. They participated in various hip-hop competitions worldwide (street battles, dance festival)  particularly in the USA and Japan. They have also done some work with the French fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier as models. They participated in an entertainment television program in Ukraine ‘So you think you can dance’.

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