Pope Resigns and God Gives a Sign

Wednesday, 13 February 20130 comments

Yesterday the whole Christian world was shocked with incredible news.

Pope Benedict XVI told us that he is resigning. After a while something interesting happened. Lightning strikes all over the sky were spotted and they hit Saints Peter's Basilica.  The BBC reported this - see te video above.

Pope Benedict XVI announced that he was resigning on February 28th 20:00. A few hours after the announcement lightning struck Saint Peter's Basilica at around 18:00 local area time. BBC journalists managed to record that moment when it all happened. The internet was straight away filled with heated discussions that it was God's sign. Many followers said that God didn't want the Pope to resign from his ministry. Of course others said that it was only a coincidence but I will leave you to decide if it’s a coincidence or a sign from God!

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