The Rest is Noise: Music Festival at the Southbank Centre

Monday, 11 February 20130 comments

Sponsored Post by Southbank Centre
This video takes us to London’s South Bank where there are some demanding questions being asked. For example, how did the Holocaust change the course of music forever? Then again how – and why – did the CIA come to fund avant-garde composers? Not their cup of tea, surely?

The Rest is Noise is a year long festival inspired by the eponymous book by Alex Ross. At the end of the video, please click on the link to go to the South Bank Website. There you can find out more about this amazing festival and sign up to get regular information on the enormous range of film, concerts, talks and debates that will take place through the year.

This promises to be a fascinating journey. You will end up with a completely new dimension of comprehension and satisfaction of the music that you listen to every day.

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