Ark in Space - The Assassin Bug

Wednesday, 13 March 20130 comments

Do you like look at unusual and strange creatures? If so visit the Ark in Space which is jam packed full of weird and wonderful creatures. Theses creatures can be found all over the world not just in one particular place.

One of the most amazing and weird creatures to discover there is the assassin bug. The bug always has a trick up his sleeve once it has finished its dinner. The assassin bug carries his dead victims on his back - a ploy thought to be an attempt to avoid becoming a victim itself. This bug is found in the region of Malaysia.

The bug liquefies the insides of its prey allowing the assassin bug to suck out their innards. This amazing insect (Acanthaspis petax) belongs to the Reduviidae – which consists of about 7000 species, making it almost the largest family in the true bugs (or hemiptera) order.

If you think that is weird then head over to the Ark in Space where you will find plenty more strange animals that will have your jaw on the floor!

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