Can You Be a Role Model in a Mini Skirt?

Tuesday, 19 March 20130 comments

Major stars around the world are without a doubt publicised everywhere they go. Their fan base is counted in the millions, as so many people around the world can relate to the music that they are producing. Yet songs used to have meanings back in the day and the songs brought people together either with love songs or family songs everyone could listen too. I just don’t believe that is happening any more.

Look at how this generation of pop artists dress like, it’s disgusting. Influenced by the likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj our young girls' idols are a freak show at the moment and I think this needs to change. 

Nicki Minaj’s plastic persona has encouraged many to copy her with plastic surgery.  Nicki Minaj has made her body an influential tool for women and many obsessed women want her body/figure, but do they know it’s all done through plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery to improve girl’s arses and tits is wrong as this gives a false image that men want the biggest features possible. To some extent everyone has their own opinion on what girls they like but I think the vast majority would agree with me that they prefer a natural girl. Clean faced with hardly any piercings, not visible tattoos and the rest that’s possible. 

On another note these “role models” act like strippers in music videos and think this is the way to capture a man’s attention. Although I’m not complaining about the view, when girls/women are influenced on the streets and dress like them it’s not attractive as it’s not someone you would want to introduce to your mother.

Rihanna is also another controversial figure in the limelight. She dresses to impress the lads in all her music videos. However even though she has so much male attention she sticks with Chris Brown the man who badly abused her, which also gives the impression that women should accept the fact that men can hit women and get away with it. 

Some may say that it’s acceptable for these women to act like this. However what would you say if your daughter went out in revealing clothes, exposing herself to men that prey on women like this? The more revealing a woman is the more men will act as if she is easy and therefore treat her with no respect. Dress appropriately and women will have the respect they deserve.

What do you think?

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