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Saturday, 9 March 20130 comments

Kuriositas is a blog written by one person and was created 3 years ago. Kuriositas’ birthday is quite a feat for a blog considering that it’s all done only by one person and it went from nothing into a web site where you can find a lot of information which can fulfil your needs.

 The design of the web site makes it easy to surf so you can easily take a look into interesting short films, animations or any amazing places to visit. Each video or picture is described and explained so after reading it you won’t be left without an answer.

 Kuriositas has a wide section of different subjects such as animations, architecture, art, fun, places and many more. It’s aimed for all age readers from a child watching cartoons to a student interested about carnivals or places to travel to.

Today Kuriositas has had 2760860 visitors however even though it is busy it’s a calm place for people who are interested to find out about something new from all over the world, for people who love to read about the most amazing places on earth and for anyone who enjoys to surf the internet gathering new ideas and stories. Kuriositas is a calm community bringing bright thoughts and some happiness into its reader’s lives every day.

Happy 3th birthday Kuriositas!

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