The Desert

Wednesday, 6 March 20130 comments

Once upon a time there was a very tall man called Lettuce. He was living in a desert, he was a very brave and strong man, but the only problem he faced was his height. The desert was full of short people; they didn’t like him because he was tall. He was always being discriminated against.

The king of the desert was called Salad. He was very powerful and rich. The king controlled everything and the whole desert feared him. The only issue was that he was a bit over sensitive, he cried over silly things like losing a chocolate bar for example.  One of the king’s advisers came up with an idea and the king liked it. The idea was to organise a wrestling competition in the desert.

The king liked the idea because he wanted to prove to the people that he was the strongest man in the desert. So the king decided to wrestle the person who was currently the strongest man in the desert. The king started to spread the news across the desert and promised that the winner would get a reward. The people were excited and over a hundred wrestlers joined the competition. Lettuce the tall man was one of them.

The competition started and King Salad was watching very carefully. At the end, only ten wrestlers remained, and Lettuce was one of them. The king started to notice how strong the wrestlers were. So he started to have nightmares about being defeated. But his worst nightmare was being defeated by Lettuce the tall man. The number of wrestlers started to decrease day after day.

At the end only two people remained in the competition. The last two wrestlers were a man called Yogurt and Lettuce. The last match was the most intense and challenging match in the competition. Both wrestlers did their best to win and face the king. After about half an hour, lettuce managed to take control. Yogurt was feeling really tired and his body was almost numb, so he decided to quit.

The king’s worst nightmare was becoming reality. He knew that he could not win so he was always pretending to be ill just to avoid facing Lettuce. The king thought that by doing that the people of the desert would forget about the competition and he would never have to face Lettuce, but the whole desert was talking about how the king was scared to be beaten by him. His plans to make the people forget didn’t work.

Eventually King Salad was ready to wrestle. The whole desert gathered in the main arena. Lettuce thought that by defeating the king he was going to get not only the reward but also the people’s respect. Lettuce knew that the king was easy to beat, so he was calm. The match started and king salad was shaking. After about 10 minutes, the king was feeling tired and Lettuce was only getting started. Lettuce noticed the fear in the king’s eyes and started laughing at him. At the end the king just collapsed and started crying. The whole village was laughing at the king. The match ended. Lettuce took the reward and earned the desert’s respect and the king was so embarrassed.

So, you can't really have a Salad without Lettuce - even if Yogurt comes a close third.
The End.

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