How To Make A Diamond

Wednesday, 6 November 20130 comments

A few years ago I found a way to make a diamond!

Okay you may think it is a scam but a diamond can be homemade and checked by a method called Raman scattering. The University of Warwick has the equipment to run this experiment, Raman scattering works by shining a laser into a diamond and measuring the scattered light shining back, when the test is being run, on the monitor connected to the machine a graph will show the diagnostic of the gem, if the spike is at the right place there is without a doubt it is a diamond. It should look something like this…

Sorry about the quality.

Now there are two ways one with a microwave and one with carbon flamethrower and other chemicals
You may not be able to get your hands on. The basics of the flamethrower is the carbon and the other chemicals will react at a high heat and only the diamond atoms will stick to a metal surface, any other atoms will be blown away. And this could take days depending on the size you want.

Here’s how you do the microwave version…

The CVD (chemical vapour deposition) method is the most interesting.

Basically you take a microwave and run some quartz tubing into it. Attached to the tubing you have metered oxygen, hydrogen, and methane. You put a tiny chip of real diamond into the tubing inside the microwave. The microwaves, hydrogen, and oxygen react to form a small plasma ball around the diamond chip. As the methane goes into the plasma it is broken down to carbon and slowly layers more diamond onto the chip, growing it. My past research showed that growing about one carat in 24 hours was the norm. You have to have control of the microwave power, the pressure, and the gas flows to not end up with a poop brown diamond.

After doing much more research into home-made diamonds I found one other way but im not going to copy and paste so I’ll put in a link.

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