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Tired of being unemployed and having no money? Are you living off benefits and claiming job seekers allowance? 2wenty4se7en contributor Louis Christodoulou would like to offer some useful advice to successfully get a job and be more independent!

The whole business of finding a job and becoming employed is not a straight forward process. If it was that easy then most of the population would be in work and the local Job Centre would be completely empty. It's all a big learning process which takes patience, dedication, positivity and acquiring knowledge. I'm going to give you some valuable advice that can help you get motivated to find a job.

For the past few years I have been unemployed and looking for work, claiming Job Seeker's Allowance (JSA) and not getting anywhere. I had to develop myself more and change a lot of things in life to become the right person in terms of employability. I'm going to tell you in detail about how to have the right attitude, filling out a job application correctly and successfully getting through the interview process. Please read on!

Firstly, having the right attitude is essential. If you're not willing to put in hard work to find a job, then you might as well not even attempt to look. The people around you can effect your job search, so make sure you surround yourself with positive people who can support you. What I have found is going to the Job Centre and claiming Job Seeker's Allowance is not a good way to get a job. Even though they pay you benefits, going to the Job Centre every Monday can make you feel down and make you unmotivated to find work.

After you have sorted out your attitude, then it's the hard work and patience you have to put in to finding work. Set yourself a target of filling out 3 job applications a day minimum. You might be drained or tired but you have to keep your head up. If you put in enough effort and go and get what you want then you will find success because nothing comes to you. Otherwise everyone would have a job and the Job Centre wouldn't exist!

When filling out your job applications, always take your time with every single application. Make sure you stand out from the rest of the other candidates and that can be done by going in to detail about your experience and education.

If you are looking for work which involves customers, then ALWAYS put them first. Speak about good customer focus, dealing with difficult customers and making sure you can provide great customer service and letting the customer go away happy with great service. When filling out job applications, the employer is looking for someone who will make customers happy. Also good knowledge of the organisation you're applying to is essential when filling out job applications. Other key information are accuracy, attention to detail, ability to follow management instructions, enthusiasm, drive for results, motivation. Finally a reminder, first and and last put the customer first at all times!

The whole job search is a big learning process. If you successfully pass the application stage and get a job interview, it's highly unlikely you will get the job if that's the first interview you have had. It took me about 5 job interviews to slowly learn about employment and what the employers want from a candidate. If you get a job interview and it doesn't go well, please do not give up. Go back to the drawing board and start again. I had an interview 2 weeks before I had my next interview that was unsuccessful. I could have given up but I didn't: with the right attitude, success will come to you I promise!

Getting a job interview can be an exciting but nerve wracking experience. Make sure you plan your interview a few days before it happens otherwise you're going there to fail! Get some paper and a pen, grab your laptop, search up job interview questions to ask the employer and make sure you learn the job role you have applied for.

Remember that the whole job experience is giving great customer service and putting the customer first. When you attend your job interview, dress smartly, smile, talk clearly, explain how you will provide great customer service, and build a good bond with the employer so you can get in their good books!

Search up questions employers will ask and write notes to be prepared so you can talk clearly and win the job over the other candidates. One thing I did when looking for a job was to write notes down and record them on my phone. Then when you go out just listen to the notes you have recorded with headphones and you will soon know the right knowledge and drive to find a job!

Lastly, I will give you some key information to remember.. Never give up, keep yourself motivated and dedicated, fill out 3 job applications minimum a day, remember to take your time with the job applications, always put the customer first. Be prepared for rejection and go back to the drawing board if you get rejected. Remember it's all a learning process. Use job applications and interviews to learn more about what employers want and when you're fully ready you will find a job and successfully make money!

Good Luck!

Louis Cee

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