The Last of Us (Left Behind): Preview

Wednesday, 12 February 20140 comments

The Last of Us from Naughty Dog touched our screens on PS3 back in June 2013, fundamentally turning it into the game of 2013, and one of the best games of all time. Also there's much more to come with the first cut of DLC. The DLC, Left Behind is set prior to the events of The Last of Us, and will feature a familiar face.

Ellie, who was the secondary playable character in The Last of Us, alongside her best friend and newcomer Riley, who was mentioned right at the end of The Last of Us is that familiar face. They embark on a dangerous adventure, which leads to Riley's death and Ellie left without a best friend.

This will give us more insight in to Ellie, and how much Riley’s death impacted her life. The DLC might let us see a different side of Ellie, and how Ellie’s and Riley’s relationship differentiates from Ellie’s and father figure Joel’s relationship. The game is set to be released on Valentine’s Day, but can be pre-ordered at PlayStation store.

I look forward to playing the DLC hoping to have as much fun as I did playing the main game, and see Riley’s final moments, and also to see if they have updated the gameplay.

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