How does the Premier League work?

Tuesday, 13 May 20140 comments

The Premier League is an English professional league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the English football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. Contested by 20 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Football League.

The Premier League is a corporation in which the 20 member clubs act as shareholders Seasons run from August to May, with teams playing 38 matches each, totalling 380 matches in the season.  Most games are played in the afternoons of Saturdays and Sundays, the other games during weekday evenings

Qualification for European competitions

 The top four teams in the Premier League qualify for the UEFA Champions League, with the top three teams directly entering the group stage.  Previously only the top two teams qualified automatically. The team placed fifth in the Premier League automatically qualifies for the UEFA Europa League, and the sixth and seventh placed teams can also qualify, depending on the winners and runners-up of the two domestic cup competitions. The highest ranked team in the premier league fair play standings which has not already qualified for Europe will automatically qualify for the UEFA

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