Malnutrition: The Help

Friday, 9 May 20140 comments

CHILDREN are a precious gift in every family, the hope of the future. But this seems far from being the case in Nigeria. Consider this: A april 2014 report by the Federal Ministry of Health says “41 per cent of Nigerian children under age five suffer stunted growth as a result of malnutrition.” Social protection coverage is negligible. Nigeria currently spends less on social protection than other sub-saharan African countries, and two-thirds of its overall social protection expenditure goes to the civil service. Oyin 6 months old is dying from lack of food and water because of the current situation Nigeria is facing. As other countries come up with help schemes and plans on how to save the children, having to receive this money is just enough for fresh water for just one village. As other help services visit the country some children get treatment while others die. The help main come from celebrity endorsements and television adverts.

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