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Monday, 26 January 20150 comments

I wake up at six thirty, when my alarm clock goes off.  It is a clanging sound that happens three times.  I get up after I have turned the light on and then go and wash my face.  I go and have breakfast.  I like to have eggs because they are easy, but I don’t like the taste.  I get ready for college and then go and get the bus to college.  I get the 122.  It is always busy, and there are a lot of people shouting.  Sometimes I like to wait for other bus instead.

I get off the bus at Lewisham Station and cross the road to other bus stop.  And I take bus number 136,436or 21 to Lewisham College from that bus stop. It is a nice new building.  When I get to my class I say hello to everyone at class. Mr Robert is my tutor.  He takes the register.  Then it’s the class time.

I like ICT lessons because it is my favourite lessens because i know now about my business and i like to study I like all of the teacher because all of the  teachers  are so kind and  they are helping me in the  classroom a lot.   

At the break time i am going out with my friends and i go to drink some water.  Then it is the break time is over and going back to my class.  Soon it is lunch time and I am going to the toilet to wash my hands then I am going outside to get something for eating after my lunch I am going back to my college.  Then i am going to class again.

 After college i feel like i am bored because when I go home i don’t do anything other than watch TV and go to sleep.  I would like to come to college, always.  I also like to go to the library.

I get the 122 to go home.  There is traffic too.  It is very busy.  It is boring.

When I get home it is boring because when i go back to my house, I say to my mum, “hi” or to my dad & my brother & sister.  I have my evening meal, maybe rice, maybe pancake.  Afghanistan people like vegetables.  My mum cooks.

Sometimes i go to the gym with my brother to exercise.  I go on the running machine for 30 minutes.  I do weights.  I get the bus to my home and drink a glass of milk and wash my hair.  I make my plan for the next day and then i get ready for bed.

I read a book with my mum.  I read in English and it is easy.  It’s American English, not British! I go to bed early or late if i need a lot of sleep or not.  I like to have nice, long drinks of water with me at night.

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