A Unique place called the Tulous Of Fujian Provice

Monday, 26 January 20150 comments

Around the 12th Century they made this building for defense because of the bandit’s gangs which plagued the area for hundreds of years. The property and their lives in the mountainous area on the south coast of china. The building is extraordinary you wouldn't see a defense line around the world because this is the only one in the world :). Tulou is typically 3 to 5 stories structures with a thick, earthern wall and a single entrance.

The people in china who lives in this so called place Tulous of Fujian in the middle building they all come together to unite as one. There’s also around 800 people lives in this local area. The clan members who lived together, a loving attitude, a concern for the needs of others, care and mutual help were essential. Ancestral halls are very important in Chinese culture, as a way to trace roots and origin, for people to bear in mind. Respecting the ancestors and older generations is the worthy tradition of Hakka people. So the ancestral hall is the center of the Tulou. Everything takes place around them.

The system persevered for hundreds of years and were seen as a model for a society of equals (and as such they escaped potential purges during Mao’s Cultural Revolution).   Each room was always the same size and there was no difference in the materials used throughout the structure – plus the designs of doorways and windows were always regimented. The Tulou was built by Hakka people for whom they serve the due purpose of giving them some more to live and protecting them. 

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