Legal or Illegal? Why Weed Should be Permitted

Tuesday, 20 January 20150 comments

Cannabis the banned plant. That is maybe a plant for billions but why is it illegal?

People read every day lies and just lies about it from the media, newspapers, radio, and that is just horrible. How can a plant be an illegal drug? Have you ever tried it? The media has spoken about stopping the logging the forest. Can this be possible if they legalize the cannabis plant? You might ask how?

There is the answer:

-Tree: One tree grown up for about 10-15 years. That is a long time!

Let’s have a look how things are about cannabis (weed):

-Weed: 1 plant of weed is grown for just 6 weeks. Do you that 4 acres of trees are equal to just 1 acre of cannabis plants. What is the conclusion there? Cannabis plants are giving 4 times more paper than trees - also you can have a look on the diagram on the top.

Since the world began NO ONE I am going to say it again NO ONE EVER DIED FROM SMOKING WEED!!!

Please have a look on the picture below and think on it!

Alcohol against weed! I will not write about it. I am going to show you people one more picture that speaks more than words.

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