Pharaoh and the Pyramids

Monday, 19 January 20150 comments

The pyramid in Egypt today, which thousands of people go to visit for holiday, was actually created by a man known as pharaoh, who is actually well known amongst most of the people who follows the old religions. These are religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  

This man known as pharaoh was a very powerful man who ruled Egypt. He put himself up to be God. And anyone who disagreed or even so much so as questioned whether he was god or not would immediately be executed. This shows how oppressive pharaoh was, not allowing the citizens to have their own opinion.  

Pharaoh had a lot of slaves which he used to develop Egypt constructively. For example these pyramids were built by the slaves pharaoh owned. These slaves were from all over the world but they were mainly Israeli slaves. And there were punished severely if they showed any signs of weakness.
Pharaoh was a very brutal man - he saw things his way and what other people think or say did not matter to him. He killed his own wife after hanging her by her breasts and having people throw stones at her because she had denied to accept him as god. This indicates his barbaric behaver towards other individuals.      
One night while pharaoh was holding a meeting with his councillors. A future teller barges in and informs pharaoh what his future holds. And he tells him “An Israeli boy will destroy your kingdom” pharaoh then sends his army out to kill every Israeli boy and ever new born baby that was an Israeli male. Pharaoh was a man who was quick to act, and he always reacted with violence.

Pharaoh had killed thousands of new born babies and a lot of Israeli males so that his future that have been foretold wouldn’t become a reality. He was a heartless man. He killed for his own need.

Pharaoh was later killed. After giving chase to the boy that was told he would be killed by.     Life is full of ironies…

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