The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3DS

Monday, 19 January 20150 comments

The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3DS Release for Spring 2015

Hello, my fellow gaming fans today I am writing about a game from Nintendo that is being re-mastered to release on the Nintendo 3DS which is coming this spring.

The game in itself takes place a few months after its predecessor Ocarina of Time and the intro is Link riding through the forest with his horse Epona in search of Navi (his guidance fairy from Ocarina of Time) but is attacked by skull boy wearing the Majora’s mask. The player takes chase and is turned into Deku Link shortly afterwards. 

The player eventually comes across a building and has exactly three days to save Clock Town and the surrounding areas from a big huge round moon which as each day progresses gets slightly closer to the town.

During my gameplay of Majora’s Mask on the Wii console (it became available
to the Wii shopping channel for £10) I found the gameplay to be amazing and the different masks I put on to get different abilities was great. My favorite mask was the bunny hood enabling the player to move at a much faster pace.

 I also liked how I could help people with the side quests that were implemented within. If the game could have improved it would be the timing segments of the game to allow novice players more time to figure out the appropriate course of action for what to do.

This game had its first release for the Nintendo GameCube in the year 2000, since the game was released people had approximately purchased over 314,000 copies of the game was sold according to Wikipedia.

Because of the game’s ever increasing popularity, Nintendo decided to re-master the game for the Nintendo 3DS by including the gyroscopic function within the Nintendo 3DS.
Nintendo has done this with game’s predecessor Ocarina of Time and since decided to do the same for the sequel.

The game for the 3DS will have an added variable of using the gyroscopic controls which means when you move the console so does the player in game. According to director Eiji Aonuma the improved game will allow a different boss battle and implement fishing into the game much like its predecessor.

The game will also put hints in the game for beginners who get stuck.
Also added is a new screen design and layout to match the Nintendo 3DS also players who pre-order the game will get a paperweight
In conclusion I am looking forward to the remake of this game from my childhood

Thank you for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it. It would be cool if I could get your views on this new game. 

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