Why Should We Admire Firefighters?

Monday, 19 January 20150 comments

In this article I am going to talk about people who save other people’s lives every day and also why we should admire them.

 Firstly I am going to talk about fire fighters at all and what their job really is. These people’s job is to save the lives of others, but the question here is – Why someone will risk his own life to save other human being live? The answer for myself is basically because these people are good and noble.

Secondly I am going to talk about the positive things in that dangerous profession. The most important and positive thing in that job is the appreciation you receive after you help someone, and when you save someone’s live. However other thing is that you make real friends there, a friends that you can trust if you have problems. Also that will risk their lives for yours if necessary. The third positive think in my opinion is that you have the chance to drive a fire-truck – Who doesn't want to drive a fire-truck?
 Like everything else in the Universe there should be balance so there are disadvantages. Unfortunately the negatives are a bit scarier than they should be. For example when fire fighters save others’ lives they may not be able to leave the fire scene safely and they may become mentally or physically injured for their whole life afterwards. The worst that can happen is death. In addition I would say that the money that fire fighters receive for what they do is just awful. They don’t receive what they deserve, while a footballer for example receives millions just to be shown on the TV, to kick a ball and just to entertain others.

 In conclusion I would say that we need to admire and respect firefighters for what they did, do and will do because if they weren't there for us a lot of people would not be alive now.

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