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Today I will be writing a review about the upcoming 2015 game Evolve. Evolve is a game developed by Turtle Rock Studios. The game will be available on Xbox one, PlayStation 4, 2K and Steam. Evolve is recommended to be played by a mature audience of 17+. Evolve is inspired by the much loved game Left 4 Dead.
Evolve is a game that has the players choose to be a monster or human class. The monster class is a 1 player class. But the human class requires 4 players to play.
Evolve has 3 monster classes and 4 human classes:
Monster Class 1 Goliath: The Goliath is a truly fearsome monster class when fully evolved. Most starter players prefer playing as a Goliath because it has a good mix of strength and speed also evolves faster than other monster classes. The Goliath can breathe fire, crush its opponents with brute force and can throw huge rocks etc. 

Monster Class 2 Kraken: The Kraken is the most formidable monster class as it relies entirely on brutal force to destroy its foes. When the kraken is fully evolved it cannot be stopped, this is when the 4 human players lose the game. Although the Kraken has the most power and health points it is very slow and takes quite a bit of time to evolve. For this reason most starter players avoid using the Kraken as it requires a lot of skill and knowledge of the game. 

Monster Class 3 Wraith: The Wraith is the most cunning monster class as it relies entirely on assassination skills to abolish its foes. When the Wraith is fully evolved it gains less cool downs on its skills. The Wraith has the lowest health points for the monster classes and relies completely on rapid strikes and critical hits to extinguish its foes. Although the wraith has the lowest amount of health and damage points, it is the fastest monster class and can fully evolve by only eating half of what the Kraken monster class needs to fully evolve. Most skilled players love using the Wraith monster class because of its abilities to stealthily kill its foes.

Human Class 1 Assault: The Assault is the most dangerous human class as it does the most damage out of all the human classes. The assault relies on rapid close and mid-range strikes to kill its enemy. As the assault class has to do damage really close to the monster it is in the most danger so the assault class heavily depends on the support and medic class to keep it from death.

Human Class 2 Medic: The medic is the most important class to the humans as its only task is to keep the team alive. The medic has the most health points out of all the human classes, this helps to keep it alive. If the medic dies in combat there is hardly no chance of the human team winning the game. This is why most players avoid being a medic class.

Human Class 3 Support. The support is a balanced human class. It relies on mid to long range strikes to support the team. The support is not much different than the assault class as its only role is to do damage.

Human class 4 Trapper: The Trapper is the most cunning human class as it relies on tamed animal and traps to support the team’s damage. The trapper is also the most vulnerable human class as it has the lowest health points in the game. Most players avoid playing the trapper because the monster usually goes for that class first. 

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