How to make girls like you?

Tuesday, 24 February 20150 comments

Do you have problems getting girls to like you? Then follow these ten easy pieces of advice.  You never know, follow these and you may find the girl of your dreams!

  1. Yourself: The first and most important thing is you must not be shy. You must be so relaxed next to a girl that you like.
  2. Show her that you care for her: You have to listen to everything that she says. Even if it is boring you have to listen to her. It will make her like you more than before. Also, you have to ask her questions about what she talks about with you. Every question you ask she will like you more because every girl likes to see someone care for her and spend time with her.
  3. Make her laugh: You should have your own jokes or maybe some funny movie or video which you think will make her laugh. Just use these things and make her laugh. When you start to make her laugh she will like to spend her time with you and it will mean you will be closer with her.
  4. Ask Questions about Hobbies, interests and so on: Every girl likes a boy who asks questions about her hobbies or interests. It is nicer if you like same things. It really has a good effect on girls when they see the people who like their hobbies ask them questions.
  5. Take your time: if you really like a girl you must give her your time. Every girl like a boy who give them attention. So, don’t rush in! Give her time to get to know you first.
  6. Invite her out: when you start to feel comfortable (I mean you feel she has started to like you) invite her out. Try to do things which she likes. For example, try her hobbies. Try to do things which she likes. It will make her happy. Then she will start to like you more.
  7. Make her feel important: What you have to do is so easy. Girls are sensitive. That’s why if you remember one special thing about them it makes them happy. Try to learn her birthday or any special day for her. Then buy her some gifts. It will make her so happy and she will feel that she is important for and to you.
  8. Tell her things about you: Tell her what you really like to do. Share with her things about your life. Tell her positive things about your life.  Girls like to know these things (but don’t call her nosy!).
  9. Meet with her family: If you have a chance to meet with her family do it. This is because if her family like you she will like you more than before. Then maybe you can have more time to spend together.
  10. Be yourself:  Finally, be yourself. What I mean is never lie to her. Make her like you for yourself and make her love you as the person you are not the person you think you should be.
Batuhan Devecioglu

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