My Greatest Player: Zinedine Zidane

Tuesday, 10 February 20150 comments

People will be expecting me to say Messi or C. Ronaldo but no Zinedine Zidane is my greatest player. The only player who walked pass the World cup title and didn’t look at it (pictured)
Zidane’s Childhood
Zidane was born on June 23, 1972 in Marseille, France. Zidane son of Algerian immigrant learn at to play football in the street of Marseille while his friend were going to swimming lesson with the teacher. At the age of 14 he was discovered by the French football federation and spent the next three playing youth division with Cannes (Cannes is a second division French club).
Professional Carrere
Zidane made his first professional Carrere with Cannes at the age of 17 and scored his first professional goal in his debut. He transferred to Bordeaux where he was brilliant at the position of attacking midfielder.
After that he moved to Juventus in Italy where he turned to be Ballon D’or. He won the world cup in 1998 against Brazil with France the hosted country for that world cup. He scored of the three goal in that game.
In 2001 he signed for Real Madrid in Spain the transfer coast Madrid $66 Million. $66 Million worth because Zidane won the UFA Champions league the same year and La LIGA the following season.
Zidane was nominated three time
End of Carrere L L L L
Zidane Announced to the media he will retire after Germany 2006 (world cup in Germany 2006). Germany 2006 was the apogee for zizou. That world cup was for him to show his the greatest of all time, which he did. He took France to the final of his world cup against Italy. He score an awesome penalty but things went wrong something unexpected happen the king slammed his head into his opponent chest Marco Materazzi (Italien Defender). (Pictured)
In front of millions of Fans thousands of audience Zidane took a red cart and walked off the pitch Italy won the World cup by pen. L L L  (Pictured)
Life after 2006
After the world cup everything was squared for Zidane. No one understood why a player of that category could have done what he did and at the final of a world cup. Zidane has never said sorry for the act he took on that day. The famous header ever people copied it talked about it there’s even a statue about it. (pictured)

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