World Conspiracy

Tuesday, 10 February 20150 comments

I am going to show you a video. In this video you will see what 20$ (twenty dollars) are showing the falling twins towers in America. All you need to do is just to fold the note. That attack against Tower twins in USA was a terrorism?

I don’t think so, all this is planning by president of United states. After this act he can start a war against those countries which has most immigrants in USA. Why they killing them, because RASISM is coming from America. They are saying that terroristic attack is commanded by Osama Bin Laden.

But obviously if you read more about it and more about all of those world conspiracy you will see that Osama bin Laden is basically member of the most powerful Federation against terrorism FBI (Federal Bureau of  Investigation). In final what is going on Osama is Special Agent from FBI.
Now lest have a look in this video which I began this topic.

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