Dallol - A Volcano Like No Other

Monday, 2 March 20150 comments

In the north east of Ethiopia lies the Danokil Desert. At the heart there is a volcanic crater called Dallol it is quite extraordinary. There are many acidic hot springs and also there are mountains mad out of sulphur and other materials

The local name in the words of the people is disintegrated.

Even today the volcano is not mentioned in most books on the subject of volcano-logy.
Dallol is the recorded as the highest average temperature for an inhabited location.
It has been document around 1960 – 1966 also you’ll have only two ways to get around you can get there by a camel or you’re going to have to travel using 4wd cars which would have to be hired.

The last explosion took place in 1926 and it took out 1.5 km of south west

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