Phil "cm punk" Brooks

Monday, 2 March 20150 comments

I am here to write to you about Phil brooks also known as cm punk who was a professional wrestler but retired in 2014. He was known for being one of the best mic workers and in ring workers in the business.
He started his professional career in ROH (ring of honour) and met his best friend who was colt cabana. Colt cabana helped elevate brooks status as a talent in the wrestling world. In 2006 he joined wwe via ecw and was working on the brand for two years and won the ecw title for his forst and only time. He was eventually elevated to the smack down brand.

When he was elevated to the smackdown he was included in the wrestlemania 24 money in the bank ladder match in which he won and on June 28 2008 he was drafted to raw in which he won the world heavyweight title from edge after cashing in the title to a beaten down edge thanks to batista. He would go on to win the title 3 times.

In june punk announced that his contract with wwe would expire in july and that at money in the bank 2011 he would beat jon cena and walk out with the wwe title. He did tat exact thing. And would return a week later after beating cena at money in the bank.
He would go on to have a record setting wwe title reign for 434 days in which he defeated most of the formidibale superstars on the roster.

On janurary 27 2013 cm punk was defeated by the rock at the royal rumble in which hes 434 day reign finished.
At wrestlemaia 29 he would go on to lose to the undertaker in which undertakers undefeated streak would continue to 21-0.
Cm punk will always be known as one of the greatest wwe superstars of all time.

I hope you had time to read all of this and I hope you enjoyed it.

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