Why Quagmire is my role model

Tuesday, 3 March 20150 comments

Why quagmire is my role model
Glenn quagmire is my role model because he is just a really entertaining character. The one main reason why I give him my respect he does everything that I would like to do in the future. He has a nice personality and is kind to everyone on the show except for Brian. His suggestions and his actions are hilarious

His first name is Glenn and his occupation is a pilot and he enjoys his work. The main reason why everyone knows him is because he is a sex addict and loves girls. His friends are Joe Swanson peter griffin and Cleveland brown. 
Glenn quagmire usually hangs out with his friends in a pub called the clam. He usually talks about peter griffin’s wife Louis a lot. He lives next door to the Griffins and sometimes causes a lot of problems he is a very noisy and sometimes annoying character. Glenn Quagmires catch phrase is giggity giggity goo he uses this catch phrase whenever a woman walks past.

He wears a red Hawaii shirt all the time and owns a luxury house on Spooner Street in quahog. The reason why I say he is my model is that he is a successful and entertaining man.

I think he is one of the best characters on family guy compared to Joe and peter but now Cleveland is back I still think Glenn quagmire is better in every way as a person.

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