Xbox one and PS4

Tuesday, 3 March 20150 comments

Xbox One truly is a great console. people would argue that it is not better than ps4 but in alot of ways it kinda is. people would say ps4 is better than Xbox one for the following reasons:
Xbox One vs PS4 1 PlayStation 4 fans will no doubt have plenty of reasons why they prefer their console to the Xbox One for reasons like  It doesn't have 1080p Doesn't come with a play and charge kit.
 It looks like a video player
and many more reasons. 

Xbox One vs PS4                                                                                                                                                                  The fact is Xbox One may have its faults but has its advantages. I own an Xbox myself and their are times when i cant be bothered to play a game. but that's whats beautiful thing about Xbox. you can watch TV and use the internet to watch movies and listen to music.   

As you can tell with the new updates of Xbox Microsoft have allowed their console to go 1080p. Did you know that the ps4 Controller only last 12 hours. that's two chargers per day. for a hardcore gamer that can cause a little problems. am not a fanboy Xbox did no better in that category either. to still have to put batteries in your controller can sometimes feel like controller didn't adapt much. But they both feel good when holding them. 
Looking at the games coming out on both consoles it looks like Xbox one has the better exclusives. Everyone is looking forward to Halo 5, Tomb Raider and many more. I do generally think Xbox is better. Yes they havent made as much much money as the PlayStation 4 but i think if they aimed for a cheaper price at the start it would have made alot more money. Since October 2014 when the price dropped Xbox one sales were dominating. which concludes my argument.  

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