Drugs use and Effects in UK

Tuesday, 5 May 20150 comments

What is cannabis and where does it come from?

Cannabis is a drug that is not legal in the UK. Cannabis is a Class B Drug under the misuse of drug act 1971. Cannabis is develop from a plant that is being grow in a farm or in a house. Also cannabis uses lot of chemicals for it to grow fast and perfect.
Three example of common types of cannabis you can get in the UK.
Cannabis type?
Blue cheese

Super Haze

Effects of smoking cannabis?

Smoking cannabis can effects you in many ways such as it makes you lazy and you feel tired all the time. It effect’s your muscles slackened, make you tine and weak, skin and mouth turns dry.

Should cannabis be legal?
From my point of view I think cannabis should be illegal because it has many effects and it is addictive. Some people might disagree because they think smoking cannabis relief stress and it take away pain but they don’t know it has many different effect taking it. I think cannabis should never be legal because it will affect people around them and harm themselves.

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