Hi everyone!

We are 2wenty4sev7en, a group of teenagers from LeSoCo, a college in south east London.

The 2wenty4sev7en magazine website for 16-25 years olds was made to get people involved with different things such as music, games, fashion, movies, sports, politics, environment and culture and get the opinion from you guys on everything we talk about.

We will be making sure that we are never late with a post as you can see by our name we don’t think we will lol!

We hope that you will come and visit us whenever you can and enjoy your time on here.

Thank you!


Editorial Board and Writers

Anchor Writers (6+ articles)


Alex Davenport
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Dobromir Dimitrov
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Jamie Plows
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Liam Webster
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Contributing Writers

Jack Benson
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Louis Christodoulou
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Michael Ward
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Robert Evans
Dragos Murgociu

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